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Johnny Peters - Makivik appointee
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Johnny Peters - Makivik appointee
Mr. Johnny Peters was born in 1939 in the vicinity of present day Kangirsuk, Nunavik. He is married and the father of five children, two boys and three girls (one adopted). His boyhood was spent in acquiring the traditional skills of a hunter and fisherman, attributes that serve him well to this day. Johnny spent a year at Akijo High School in Yellowknife in 1962. His work experience has been wide ranging, commencing in 1962 as a heavy equipment operator at Cape Dyer. Subsequently Johnny has worked for the Quebec Government in Kuujjuaq, as a foreman at the asbestos mine at Asbestos Hill and Deception Bay, and as a “muck machine” operator in Lynn Lake Manitoba at the Sarah Gordon mine. Following a year spent at the Department of Indian and Northern Development operated powerhouse in Kuujjuaq in 1970, he began his involvement in Inuit political organizations, first as a Co-op member in 1971, later as manager and then as a board member to the newly created Inuit Tapirisat of Canada. In 1972 Johnny became a member of the Northern Quebec Inuit Association and was hired as a Field Worker, communicating the objectives and activities of NQIA leaders to residents of the smaller communities. Johnny was elected Makivik Vice President responsible for Renewable Resource Development in 1980 a position he held until 1987. He was re-elected to this position in 1996 and remains VP to date. Under his leadership the resource development department has thrived with a state-of-the-art research centre in Kuujjuaq, with other employees being instrumental in maintaining relations with federal, provincial and international regulatory bodies responsible for wildlife management and policy development. Separate from his responsibilities as VP at Makivik Corporation, Johnny has held several positions as board member to Makivik subsidiary companies including Air Inuit, Halutik Enterprises and Nunavik Arctic Foods Inc. Amongst his many major accomplishments Johnny was co-chief negotiator of the Nunavik Land Claim Agreement successfully ratified in 2008. Furthermore he remains as one of two replacement board members appointed by Makivik Corporation to the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board since its inception in 1993. Johnny has always played an active role in community life serving as elected member to the Nayumivik Land Holding Corporation and is above all, a very well respected elder and hunter.
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