Frankie Jean-Gagnon

Wildlife Biologist

I recently joined the Nunavik Marine Region Wildlife Board team as a Wildlife Biologist. I will be working on management policies of various marine species including ringed seals, bowhead whales, belugas and migratory birds.

My graduate work focuses on the impacts of changing sea ice conditions on the reproduction and migration of eider ducks breeding in the Eastern Canadian Arctic. Through these projects, I worked closely with the communities of Coral Harbour and Cape Dorset in Nunavut. I became aware of the importance of Inuit knowledge on wildlife in contributing to the protection and the conservation of northern species, and developed an interest in collaborative work balancing Inuit participation, science and policy.


Past and current research projects: Effects of changing sea ice conditions on reproduction and migration on eider ducks
Project locations: East Bay, Southampton Island, Nunavut
Academic background: PhD in Biology (Carleton University; In progress); MSc in Wildlife and Habitat Management (Universite du Quebec a Rimouski; UQAR); Graduate Diploma in Wildlife and Habitat Management (UQAR); BSc in Geography (UQAR)
Contact information: [email protected]


The Wildlife Biologist supports the Executive Director and the Wildlife Management Director in carrying out the activities of the NMRWB.