Noah Pov

The Wildlife Liaison Officer has the important task of coordinating information between the NMRWB and its staff and the LNUKs, RNUK, and local communities.

My name is Noah Pov. I am Inuk and I have been living here in Inukjuak all my life. I am a hunter and a fisherman. I have four children and I am married. I have been an elected municipal councillor for over ten years and I always have been an active member. This commitment to my community allowed me to met political and important people from all over the region. I am also an active committee member for the Tulliup Nipinga Local Radio station. As a former Canadian ranger, I have learned a lot from the military, including search and rescue operations and safety trainings. The skills I have acquired through the years helped me save a life. In recognition of this act, I received a medal of bravery from Makivik corporation. I am sometimes a local hunting guide for different organisations including Unnaq men’s association.