Consideration for Listing Bowhead Whale, Killer Whale, and Bottlenose Whale as Special Concern under the Species at Risk Act (SARA)

*NOTICE – Change in hearing deadline dates*

Question period: Deadline changed from November 18 to November 26

Answer period: Deadline changed from November 26 to December 3

Closing Period: Deadline changed from December 7 to December 13

Request for Decision from Government

Request Letter – Inuktittut / English

Hearing Information

Conference Call Documents

Notice is provided on October 29th, 2021, that the Nunavik Marine Region Wildlife Board (“NMRWB”) and the Eeyou Marine Region Wildlife Board (“EMRWB”) will be conducting a Joint Written Public Hearing to consider the proposed listing of three whale species as “Special Concern” under the federal Species at Risk Act (SARA). The three species are the Bottlenose Whale, Bowhead Whale, and Killer Whale.

The bottom of this page will contain the information registry, the questions for parties, and the answers / final submissions.

The hearing will be held from October 29th – December 7th, 2021. The NMRWB and EMRWB are accepting written or oral submissions and questions, as well as additional information for the hearing process. The schedule and deadlines for each phase of the hearing are summarized below.

a) Opening Period:
– Parties can provide additional Information for hearing registry;
– Requests can be made for official party status.

Deadline for submissions: November 9
Posted on website: November 10

b) Question Period:
– Boards submit questions for parties;
 – Parties submit questions for other Parties;
– Conference call with LNUKs to take any questions or submissions.

Date of LNUK conference Call: To Be Determined
Deadline for submissions: November 18  November 26
Posted on website: November 19 November 29

c) Answer Period:
– Parties provide answer to questions posed to them in the question period;

Deadline for submissions: November 26 December 3
Posted on website: November 29 December 6

d) Closing Period:
– Parties may provide closing statements for consideration by the Boards in decision-making;

Deadline for submissions: December 7 December 13
Posted on website: December 8 December 14

Submissions may be sent electronically (preferred) or by fax to the following coordinates:

Nunavik Marine Region Wildlife Board
[email protected]
P.O. Box 433, Inukjuak (QC) J0M 1M0
Phone: (819) 254-8667
Fax: (819) 254-8816

Contact the staff if you have any questions.

Deadline for final submissions: 5pm on December 13th, 2021


Hearing Registry – Additional Information

Bottlenose whale

Government-provided documents:

Bowhead whale

Government-provided documents:

Killer whale

Government-provided documents:



Consolidated questions with answers: English / Inuktittut

Final Submissions

Only one final submission was submitted
Another submission was submitted during the second period of the hearing.