Our Team

The board is comprised of seven members – three members appointed by Makivik Corporation, one member appointed by the Federal Minster of Fisheries and Oceans, one member appointed by the Federal Minister of the Environment, one member appointed by the Government of Nunavut, and a chairperson, nominated by the board members and approved by the Federal Minster of Fisheries and Oceans.

The NMRWB head-office, where five full-time staff members are currently employed, was established in Inukjuak during the fall of 2009.


The Nunavik Marine Region Wildlife Board and Staff

The Board

Robert Moshenko

Vice-Chair and Department of Fisheries and Ocean Appointee

Robert Moshenko was appointed to the Nunavik Marine Region Wildlife Board in 2011. His term was renewed for another four years in 2015. Robert began his career as a high-school science teacher before becoming a biologist at the Manitoba Department of Fisheries and Oceans. He holds Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Education and Master of Science degrees from the University of Manitoba. Robert has over 30 years of direct experience working in fisheries and wildlife management, with a particular focus on Arctic wildlife. Robert has served as a member on numerous Aboriginal Arctic co-management boards in Nunavut and Nunavik for over 20 years. He currently also works as a wildlife consultant and adult educator.

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Sandy Akavak

Governement of Nunavut Appointee

Sandy Akavak was appointed to the Nunavik Marine Region Wildlife Board in 2008 and has been Secretary of the Board since 2009. Sandy lives in Kimmirut, where he was also born and raised. In 1994, Sandy retired from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police after serving as a special constable for 26 years. From 1999 – 2016, he worked rehabilitating, counselling and teaching Inuit inmates how to survive on the land. In 2012, Sandy received a Queen’s Jubilee Award. He currently works as an Elder Advisor for the Department of Justice in Iqaluit. Sandy has been married to Anneak for 55 years and they currently have nine children, twenty-eight grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. His hobbies are hunting, fishing, camping, net-making …

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Allen Gordon

Makivik Appointee

Allen Gordon was born in 1965 and is from the community of Kuujjuaq. He began his working career as a research student at the Makivik Corporation Research Center during his high school years. After high school, Allen was hired by Makivik as a wildlife technician for 5 years. The community members elected Allen as a Municipal Council member in 1994 and acted as Deputy Mayor for 2 terms up to 1997. Soon after, he was elected President of the Nayumivik Landholding Corporation of Kuujjuaq until 2016. During his career, he also managed the start-up and implementation of Nunavik’s first Arctic Char Hatchery from 2000 to 2015. He has won several awards of recognition including the Romeo Leblanc Responsible Fisheries Award …

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Harry Okpik

Makivik Appointee

Harry Okpik was born in the community of Quaqtaq in 1954. He has a strong background in translations, working for the Makivik Corporation during the implementation of the JBNQA. He has also worked as the boat captain of the community starting in 1994. Harry owns a dog team and has participated in numerous regional Ivakkak dog sled races over the years, and is recognized as one of the most dedicated dog team owners in Nunavik. A documentary film has been made in his name called Okpik’s Dream, that documents his numerous Ivakkak races and his passion for his dog team. Harry presently is the Kativik Regional Government Umajuit Warden for the community in Quaqtaq, ensuring all sport hunters and fishermen …

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Dr. Jean-Pierre Savard

Environment and Climate Change Canada Appointee

Jean-Pierre Savard was appointed to the Nunavik Marine Region Wildlife Board in 2013 for a four-year term. He was born in Lévis, Québec and holds a Bachelors Degree in Biology from Laval University, a Masters Degree in Zoology from the University of Toronto and a PHD in Zoology from the University of British Columbia. Jean-Pierre began working as a Biologist in 1977 at the Canadian Wildlife Service. He has worked at Environment Canada since 1992 when he became a Research Scientist for the Quebec Region. In 2012, he was became a Scientist Emeritus. Jean-Pierre has extensive expertise in ornithology and has taught and published on many different species of birds. He has also sat on numerous committees relating to the …

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The Staff

Based in Inukjuak

Tommy Palliser

Executive Director

Tommy was born in Moose Factory, Ontario in 1975. He grew up in the community of Inukjuak, previously known as Port Harrison. Tommy has acquired a Social Sciences Diploma at John Abbott College and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Concordia University. After returning from his studies in the south, Tommy worked in Economic Development at the Kativik Regional Government. There, he assisted many small business start-ups and other economic development projects in the region of Nunavik for 14 years from 2002 to 2016, including the creation of the Unaaq Men’s Association of Inukjuak, which he strongly believes in to support the cultural development of the youth in his community through various traditional skills training development. He presently is the …

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Kaitlin Breton-Honeyman

Director of Wildlife Management

I have been with the Nunavik Marine Region Wildlife Board (NMRWB) for almost four years and am the Director of Wildlife Management. I live in Inukjuak with my partner and young daughter and son. I was fortunate to work with Nunavik communities during my graduate studies, where much of my research involved learning from the knowledge and experience that Inuit Elders and hunters have of beluga whales. I am deeply honoured and grateful for the privileged of working together with different partners and communities to improve our collective understanding of species and the environment that sustains us all. The Director of Wildlife Management oversees all aspects of wildlife management including: review of scientific and technical submissions to the Board; providing …

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Mark Basterfield

Wildlife Biologist

As a biologist with the Nunavik Marine Region Wildlife Board, I work on conservation and management policy on a wide diversity of species including shrimp, migratory birds, beluga, polar bears, and bowhead whales. My graduate work focused on the spatial ecology of a small population of caribou in southeastern Manitoba. Through this project I became aware of and interested in the important connections between caribou and the history and future of many Indigenous people. After finishing my thesis I began work with the Health, Environment, and Indigenous Communities Research Group at Trent University. My projects focused on Inuit Knowledge of wildlife as it relates to conservation, Inuit culture, lifestyle, and economy. We work together with Inuit elders and knowledge holders, …

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Frankie Jean-Gagnon

Wildlife Biologist

I recently joined the Nunavik Marine Region Wildlife Board team as a Wildlife Biologist. I will be working on management policies of various marine species including ringed seals, bowhead whales, belugas and migratory birds. My graduate work focuses on the impacts of changing sea ice conditions on the reproduction and migration of eider ducks breeding in the Eastern Canadian Arctic. Through these projects, I worked closely with the communities of Coral Harbour and Cape Dorset in Nunavut. I became aware of the importance of Inuit knowledge on wildlife in contributing to the protection and the conservation of northern species, and developed an interest in collaborative work balancing Inuit participation, science and policy.   Past and current research projects: Effects of …

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Annie Weetaluktuk Rousseau

Wildlife Liason Officer

I grew up going to our family camp for 4 months every year as a child. I used to hunt and fish a lot with my father and loved it and now I work with the Inuit hunters and I’m still loving it. I work closely with Nunavik Anguvigaapiit (LNUKS) and Anguvigait (RNUKS). My Previous employment was at the Girls Unit as an Educator, I took the girls out fishing and took them for excursions both in summer and winter, teaching them traditional skills and life skills. At the Women’s shelter as the Executive director, I took the ladies and children out for excursions and worked with them socially. The Wildlife Liaison Officer has the important task of coordinating information …

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Elizabeth Laura Kokkinerk

Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant provides essential administrative support to all of the other staff members, and is responsible for maintaining an organized and coordinated office.

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